Welcome to Brașov!

A city where history meets innovation and nature is our second home

Why Brașov

We are Brașov

We dream of reaching the highest peaks of our existence as a community.

Our city is an elevated space for people with creative ideas, emotions, and connections.

We work on building a city that can vibrate from the middle of our country, throughout the world and we welcome investors and partners who resonate with our vision.

Why Brașov


The heart of Romania

Situated in the middle of Romania, our city is located at the intersection of 7 European, national and county roads; Brașov is the center of a complex railway junction


A place to experience

We are the first choice in Romania for tourists, after our capital - Bucharest


Thriving Minds

We have a performant University Center with +20k students, a Research Center, and private structures to prepare future employees for success


A Melting Pot of Cultures

We value our history and multicultural traditions while aiming for innovation.


Industrial tradition

+50 years of industrial tradition, coupled with a large and well-educated workforce


Favorable tax environment

One of the lowest tax rates in the EU; a cost of labor among the lowest in the EU; 0% income tax for employees working in IT&C, R&D, and innovation


Integrated development

We are part of Brașov Metropolitan Area, having acces to another +120.000 people workforce; we base our development on integrated strategies with the communities around us


People first

We are a Community of +280.000 people and +168.000 employees

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CET Brasov: +500.000 sqm industrial platform, looking for strategic investors

We provide +50 hectares of environmentally clean, geologically sound land, next to all utilities needed…

 + 3000 sqm of free spaces to support businesses from Ukraine

Besides managing one of the most active Refugee Centers in Europe, Brașov provides support for…

Brașov – Best Smart City Project award

Brașov won the best Smart City Project at the 6th edition of the Smart City…

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