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Brașov has a long-standing tradition in manufacturing (in sectors such as auto-manufacturing, tractors, trucks, aeronautics, and machinery), and it has a well-trained labor force, and the best vocational education school in Romania (the Kronstadt School). Find out more about our workforce and economy here.

Rulmentul plant was one of the largest in Brasov during communism, with over 7,000 employees. Today, the Rulmentul platform has 32 hectares of land, 16 owned and 16 managed by the Municipality, equipped with all utilities needed for development.


In a close public–private partnership, we dream of reaching the highest peaks of our existence as a community – Brașov: a city where history meets innovation and nature is our second home.

As part of the Metropolitan Area, we dare to create the future together! We base our development on integrated strategies with the communities around us, having access to another +120.000 people workforce and business opportunities around Brașov.

We want to tell you our success stories and discuss our plans for the future, having a total of +300 ha of land ready for development, +7 Industrial Parks opened for new projects, and a community of +280.000 people and +168.000 employees enjoying the growth of Brașov every day.

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