Business opportunities

Business opportunities

May 13, 2022

+500.000 sqm industrial platform, looking for strategic investors

We provide +50 hectares of environmentally clean, geologically sound land, next to all utilities needed for the development of major investments that fit our city vision. CET is located at…
May 13, 2022

+200 ha of land, available for investments

We look for strategic investors for over 200 hectares of land, with access to utility infrastructure, located at the exit from the city towards Sibiu and the Transylvania highway. Take…
May 13, 2022

Rulmentul Platform opened for investments

Brașov has a long-standing tradition in manufacturing (in sectors such as auto-manufacturing, tractors, trucks, aeronautics, and machinery), and it has a well-trained labor force, and the best vocational education school…

Public support

Public support

The minimis scheme, available for companies operating in industrial parks: tax exemption to the local budget, in the amount of 200,000 euros for 3 fiscal years

Possibility to reduce tax between 50-60% of the value of the investment made in an industrial park (legal basis: Order 2980 of 24.09.2013)

Possibility of granting tax exemptions on profit reinvested in technical equipment and software

Possibility of profit tax exemptions for research, development and innovation activities, for companies that carry out exclusively these types of activities;

Possibility of exemption from personal income tax for employees carrying out research and development activities and employees involved in software development.

Providing specific incentives for the employment of the unemployed coming from certain social categories

Industrial parks

Industrial parks

Industrial Park Braşov

Located on the territory of Ghimbav, the park represents a private investment and is operated by the ICCO company.

The park benefits from 8 turn-key halls with more than 103,000 sqm, which benefit from all the facilities (access, parking, logistics area, utilities, administration services, medical center, etc.) and can be made available to interested companies for rent.

Established in 2008, the park already hosts a number of major automotive companies (PREH, CONTINENTAL POWERTRAIN, ROLEM, PMG SINTER ), electronics companies (BENCHMARK ELECTRONICS), a metalworking plants (VP INDUSTRIES, HANSA ENGINEERING), audio equipment (SENNHEISER ), security systems (ICCO SYSTEMS ), etc.

Over 4,000 employees are already working there (100% occupancy of halls), with plans for expanding production and storage facilities as new clients are drawn.

Prejmer Industrial Park

Located on 82 hectares in the Prejmer commune (part of the Brașov Metropolitan Area), is also managed privately by GRAE LLS & LLON CH. The park, set up in 2015, offers for sale land plots with all utilities as well as security, lighting, sanitation, etc.

There are companies in the fields of metallic garments (ELDON, VIA CONS ), automotive components (IN DCAR BUS, GJM COMPONENTS ), import, storage, trade, and distribution (BIBAS, AQUA FORM RO, S + B, STE LLA PARK, UNIOR TEPID, KATA DYN ), production of lifting equipment (LOE DIGE MACHINE ), mechanical machining (TDM), etc.

Altogether, more than 40 companies have purchased land in the area, with an estimated 15 ha. The number of jobs created in the park exceeds 2,000.


ROMAN Industrial Park

Located in the City of Brasov on an area of 105 ha, occupying part of the former platform of the Roman Truck Factory.

Although it has had the status of an industrial park since 2003, this brownfield platform (halls built during the communist period for the production of trucks and related activities) has not attracted important investors yet.

Zărneşti Industrial Park

Located in the town of Zărneşti, with a surface of 46 ha, and is managed by a private company (BREM).

This is a brownfield park set up on the platform of the TOHAN Weapon Plant, which today operates on a very small scale. Existing lands and halls can be sold or leased to interested companies. Within the park, there are several companies in the field of metalworking (EURO MO DULE), building materials (PARMA & PA VER PRE FABRI CA), production of automotive components (METAL BRASOV EURI CAMBI), etc

METROM Industrial Park

Located in Braşov, on the platform of the former communist enterprise of the same name (brownfield park) on an area of over 6 ha, of which almost half is built. The management company is subordinated to the Brașov County Council.

The park hosts nearly 30 companies, the premises being offered to the companies along with related services (security, electricity supply, cleaning, etc.).

CARFIL Industrial Park

Located in the City of Brasov, on an area of nearly 2 hectares of the former platform of the communist enterprise of the same name.

It is a brownfield park managed by a Braşov County Council company, which offers space for rent, together with related services and utilities. Around 50 companies operate in the park. These are generally small, with activities in the field of mechanical processing, thermal treatment, furniture production, textiles, constructions, services, etc.

WDP Logistics Park

An area of about 23 ha in the Codlea commune (part of the Brașov Metropolitan area), developed by the WDP company, where a logistics center (INTER CARS ) is currently active. The company has expanded with an additional 20,000 square meters of space in the Ghimbav commune (also part of the Brașov Metropolitan Area).

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Business support infrastructure

Business support infrastructure

Business Incubators


CATTIA is the newest Business Center, Technology Transfer, and Business Incubator in the City. The infrastructure provides office spaces, co-working spaces, indoor and outdoor expo spaces, an event center, and access to a wide list of support services for business.

The infrastructure is located in the immediate vicinity of the Institute for Research-Development-Innovation of High-Tech Products for Sustainable Development – PRO-DD, where two of the scientific research institutes in Brasov are located.


IASC is the biggest business incubator in Romania specializing in construction. The incubator provides +7000 sqm of space for 24 incubated businesses in construction, +1200 sqm of specialized training spaces, + 77 shared pieces of equipment for construction activities, a conference center with a restaurant, and complete support services to facilitate the development of the incubated businesses.

Business Centers

Brasov Business Park

+28.000 sqm office spaces, on 6 floors and over 5,000 sqm of commercial space, on the ground floor and mezzanine; conference room, exhibition center – a 4-star hotel and 673 parking spaces;

Coresi Business Campus

With 3 development phases completed, a building for rent and a new stage under construction, Coresi Business Campus provides all facilities needed to grow your business.

AFI Business Center

Located in the business area of the city, next to the newest commercial center of Brașov, it provides office spaces for businesses and support services.

Business Hubs

Brașov has more than 5 business hubs, offering access to co-working spaces, networking and meeting spaces, event spaces, fully equipped for business development

Hubs in Brașov:

  • Digital Nation – Tech Hub Brașov
  • HIT Brașov
  • CyberHub Brașov
  • Hub 1317
  • Alchemy Hub
  • Hubba Hubba

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