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In a close public – private partnership, we dream of reaching the highest peaks of our existence as a community – Brașov: a city where history meets innovation and nature is our second home.

As part of the Metropolitan Area, we dare to create the future together. We base our development on integrated strategies with the communities around us, having access to another +120.000 people workforce and business opportunities around the city of Brașov. 

We see Expo Real as a place to tell our success stories and to discuss our plans for the future, having + 300 ha of land ready for development, +7 Industrial Parks opened for new projects and a community of  +280.000 people and +168.000 employees enjoying the growth of Brașov every day.

AFI Brașov

AFI Brasov is a mixed-use project developed in the heart of Romania – Brasov city, which brings together a perfect mix between a modern shopping center developed on 3 floors, with 45,000 sqm GLA and A-Class modern offices with a total of 25,000 sqm GLA rising above the mall.

With an excellent location, close to the historical city center, AFI Brasov offers its visitors over 100 fashion and beauty both internationally well-known brands but also local brands, playgrounds, fitness center, entertainment, banks, pharmacies, and hypermarket on a gross area of 6,500 mp.

The visitors can enjoy a 3,500 sqm green terrace, with a unique view overlooking Mount Tâmpa, one of the tourist emblems of Brașov and enjoy the themed events on the terrace all year long.

From the beginning, AFI Brasov was actively involved in the community, through its projects creating many jobs, being close to people, and being involved in projects with real impact in the society in order to grow harmoniously together.

The Cosmopolit Experience

Since 2014, we have upheld a premium standard in real estate market by creating thoughtful concepts that evoke a sense of security and belonging, making home an unmistakable feeling.

Cosmopolit is specialized in designing upscale apartment buildings for individuals who appreciate distinctive living spaces in Braşov’s real estate market.

The lasting impression of a powerful memory is shaped by one’s encounter with their surrounding environment. This defines the essence of Cosmopolit’s brand, which drives our mission to provide the ultimate real estate experience in Romania.

At the heart of all Cosmopolit projects lies a commitment to delivering the ultimate real estate experience in Romania. This mission centres on fulfilling the needs and desires of future property owners while also providing a premium lifestyle that brings an emotional and status-oriented dimension to their lives.

Cosmopolit’s long-term goal is to create a warm and welcoming home where you can turn your dreams into a reality, celebrate milestones, and indulge in extraordinary experiences.

When talking about premium values, we mean a lifestyle that is aligned to premium standards, from all perspectives.

The trust and appreciation we have earned is a direct result of our consistent dedication to this mission.


Urban Invest is a leading developer of residential, mixed-use, and office real estate in Brasov, Romania. From the beginning, the company kept innovating in building practices, setting high bars that the team is not willing to give up.

Urban Invest turned the experience gained during this time into knowledge and always focus to create a company that customers can trust to deliver the perfect result, whether it is a home, a business venue, or an overall living experience. 

Urban Plaza is the company’s most ambitious real estate complex, which will redefine the Brasov skyline and will offer new perspectives of living and business, being the place to be for people of all ages, people who choose to enjoy life at its best.

Together with one of the best architecture company in the country, Arhimar, Urban Invest will build not only the tallest building in town (20 floors, 70m high), but an entire complex of integrated services and modern facilities, that will combine hospitality premises (hotel and apart-hotel) with modern offices and a generous commercial and leisure component.

Urban Plaza contributes significantly to the urban regeneration of the city, which has developed a lot in recent years, and furthermore, being a full project, located in one of the best areas of the city, with real quick access to other points of interest, it is exactly what any investor would want for his business.


Coresi neighborhood represents the largest urban regeneration project in Romania and gathers in an ecosystem of mixed functions: the commercial center – Coresi Shopping Resort, the residential project – Coresi Avantgarden, developed alongside Kasper Development, the office campus – Coresi Business Campus, developed alongside Ascenta Management, the coworking – The Business Factory, the Qosmo hotel, operated by Kronwell, and the community hub – Cartier Hub Coresi, operated by Learnex. All of this brings together daily, in an integrated eco-system, more than 12000 people who work or live there.

Coresi is the point of intersection between innovation, entrepreneurial courage and community orientation, articulated around people’s needs and aspirations, an example of good practice in the field of sustainable urban development. Cartier Coresi plays a key role in the economic and territorial development of the city.

The company is continuously responding to the current and future needs of the citizens and their lifestyle. The promise of the urban regeneration project from Brasov is to create a new lifestyle – a place which people identify themselves with, a place where they choose to live, work, learn, play or feel good.


Maurer Imobiliare is one of the top real estate developers in Romania. Already as of 2005, Maurer Imobiliare has been guided by a philosophy built around the desire of creating strong and happy communities. Since then and up to now, after more than 16 years of experience, Maurer Imobiliare has developed continuously and remained among the most successful real estate developers. 

Founded by Simon Maurer, an investor of German origins, but with a Romanian soul, Maurer Imobiliare has opened up a new path for those who want a high-quality home and a better future. Therefore, more than dwellings, we have chosen to build a home for thousands of families, and more than residential complexes, we have created united and lively communities in key cities across Romania, such as Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Constanța, Târgu Mureș and Sighișoara.

The success of Maurer Imobiliare company is not counted by the apartments sold, but by the thousands of happy families. At the basis of the company’s development lied the fulfillment of promises and the trust in the values that this unique project in Romania was founded on. Only thus, Maurer Imobiliare translates by “Dream Builders”.

Avantgarden3 is what the company calls “the City within the City”, being the flagship project of the company Maurer Imobiliare. Started in the midst of the economic crisis, the Avantgarden3 project has been from the beginning a model to follow, a model of success, which defeated the forecasts of economic analysts and charted a path, currently followed by almost all real estate developers on the market. 

Already in the 5th phase of development, the residential project counts over 5,000 families who have chosen to say home to an apartment of this project.


Established in 1990, ELMAS company with 100% Romanian private capital is a leader in the field of lifting equipment in Romania, offering access to quality products and services. Seated in Brasov – Romania, boasting a network of 12 own branches, 400 employees, production/storage/service facilities and a turnover of over EUR 32 million in 2021, the company is constantly developing, being aligned with modern technologies.

ELMAS is the only elevator manufacturer in Eastern Europe that has won the “Project of the Year” competition organized by the prestigious US publication ELEVATOR WORLD at the “Special-Purpose Lifts” category, 2019, 2020, and 2021 editions, for three consecutive years.

Besides other important projects, together with our Development Center and Design department, Elmas is involved in the development of a pilot project named ELMAS Combiparker automated parking system. It will have a footprint of approximately 80 square meters and will allow the vertical storage of a maximum of 25 cars. The ELMAS Combiparker automated parking pilot system will clearly bring an advantage over a classic car park, which currently requires large areas of land, does not provide protection for cars, consumes time to find available parking space, and generates pollution.


Aro-Palace S.A. Brasov is a recognized leader in the national and international tourist market, through accommodation and catering services at a high-quality standard.

The company owns a complex material base that includes 3 hotels (Hotel Aro Palace, Hotel Capitol, Hotel Coroana) with a total capacity of over 1300 accommodation places, covering all levels of comfort, as well as 3 restaurants with an exceptional culinary and ambient offer which satisfy the most varied and demanding expectations.

Aro Palace represented the landmark for Brasov in the 20th century, being the kilometer 0 of the city guarded by Tâmpa mountain. Nowadays, the hotel perfectly combines the interwar period with high-tech, so that it is preferred as a destination by both nostalgics and the new generation.

Throughout its more than 80 years of operation, Aro Palace has collected stories with actors, singers, members of presidential delegations, ambassadors, political or European cultural personalities;

Aro Palace remains an emblem of Brasov, along with all the other places loved by locals and tourists, located in its immediate vicinity: Piata Sfatului square, Republicii street, Tampa mountain and the walls of the old citadel, museums, art galleries, shops and markets.